Welcome to the first days of reason after a millennia of barbarism.
A thousand years ago a great and powerful world spanning empire fell into ruin by some global cataclysm. No culture, race, or nation was spared this apocalyptic event. The continents themselves shifted and broke apart under the strain, many perished and for thousand years mortality again became about nothing but survival. This time is known by various names to depict wars that were fought over dwindling resources by and for those who banded together to hold them.

The ‘Days of Rage’ describe the increase of savagery and barbarism amongst the refugees of the once civilized Age; resulting in the militarization of roving bands forming into clans and krewes. The War of Power describes the use of militarized casting became stable and ubiquitous but the wielders of this power remained subjective and petty. Various guilds rose to power and gained increasing public support as civilization appeared to be returning. This belief proved temporary as this grasping for power fostered personal and political corruption and eventually falling as fast and as hard as it rose. The Ember Age is an opposing reaction of the public against the prior arcane age – typified by intolerance, isolationism, ignorance and provincialism. Those individuals who were not casters but were in positions of rulership recanted their acts often by firmly placing blame on the casters grouped by the term ‘Cabalists’.

The height of the semi-official persecution, torture, and bloody violence was, ironically, the result of a rabblerouser who used the depredations the unrighteous as a basis for all to accept a new pantheon of gods as the most holy faith. The organized priesthood of the Arturos Empire would eventually become embroiled in the elimination of these hyper-violent insurgents and begin to place the official dogma of the ‘Imperial Pantheon’ across the land. It was the Arturean priesthood who initiated and sanctioned the ‘Sentinel Corps’ – as a separate guild – to bring law to the lawless, protect the limited resources of the land from the ignorant, and pursue the monsters that plague civilized society.

Eventually as the Sentinels successfully pushed further and further into the regional areas the influence of the priesthood of Imperial Pantheon outgrew its regional association with Arturo. It became a power onto itself unbound by specific region but still dependent upon the nations it policed. This state-faith relationship became the basis for official peaceful diplomatic interaction between the various nation-states. These original nation-states along with the Church Triumphant are the ‘Key’ members of the Central Empire and are known, collectively, as the Nine Keys. The regional nation states realizing the good works initiated by the ‘Sentinel Corp’’ – understood the need for a unified but non regionally involved military. Thus the ‘Praetorian Guard’ were created (a name coined by Civitas Arturo) to police each province once a Sentinel reported its inclusion to the empire.

Pressure to formalize the Central Empire out of diplomatic niceties into reality came less than 200 years ago, during the Charduni Invasion. Officially ending the Age of Ember. The Charduni were successfully repelled after 50 years of fighting establishing the Nine Keys into one an imperial collective and heralding the acceptance of the Covenant of Kings.

Today, marks the new age of exploration and a renaissance of knowledge and reason over barbarism as a unified human empire begins to re-carve its dominance of the Savage lands of the Ancient World.

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