• Alison Ironroot

    Alison Ironroot

    A foundling child, adopted by humans and shaped in thier ways - but some marks a forged in hotter fires. Alison is the soul of Dwarven Rager.
  • Black Annis

    Black Annis

    A widely known cabalist, cultist, and crone ...used as the atypical 'witch of the wyld'. Cauldron stirring, broom in hand, switch at the ready... bent, old, and evil.
  • Caer-bre the Bold

    Caer-bre the Bold

    A staunch human champion of the Druidic paganus goddess - La Reine Blanche (the White Queen).
  • Chantelle Addison

    Chantelle Addison

    Certainly a dichotmy of personalitity given form, The almost dithering and certainly deferential victorian lady, Chantelle Addison is a strike reminder that true adventure is not bound by gender.
  • Cornelius St. Claire

    Cornelius St. Claire

    Best friend of Xavier, but also an accomplished Sailor in his own right. It was St. Claire's ship, the Royal Raptor, which defended Xavier from raiders as he mapped the far shore.
  • Doc Tippen

    Doc Tippen

    A young formally educated town doctor/dentist/barber, with many ideas about helping people,
  • Elwin Fairchild

    Elwin Fairchild

    Dock master of Highwall, having held that position for 12 years - 3 election cycles.
  • Fletcher Green

    Fletcher Green

    Rumpled Kordavan Skillbroker. Guild affiliated. The go to man for those of flexible ethics and versatile morals.
  • Isabella Ruiz

    Isabella Ruiz

    Isabella is a product of both the knitting circles and the Zargozan University. Professional, intelligent and very, very, discrete.
  • Issac Smythe

    Issac Smythe

    Son of an Athosian Steel magnate - Issac Smythe is an acclaimed engineer and talented tinker. He owns the rights to several nigh-magical bits of artiface which pay royalties to his family for generations.
  • Kanas Kakishi

    Kanas Kakishi

    Intense, devout, disciplined. Kanas is as savage as one might expect of an young Ogrun risen to a position of leadership. She's also more than a littel lonely and may be found in the nearby Border Kingdoms performing tasks far beneath her station.
  • Oohnah Carlisle

    Oohnah Carlisle

    The local pagan oracle and healer and 'thumb in the eye' to the town priest. Resides near Decon's Mine.
  • Rianna Redmane

    Rianna Redmane

    Rianna is roughly six feet tall slender, fiery red hair atop her pale skin and a grace some consider otherworldly. She could easily be mistaken for a noble woman were it not for her sculpted leather armor and too well used sword.
  • Saint Bownes

    Saint Bownes

    Alice Dean is a veteran marine. Calm, deadly, mysterious
  • Sir Arius Marus

    Sir Arius Marus

    A Legend of the Athosian border kingdom of Thurkill, Sir Arius Marus is the definition of the Old Guard values of honor and integrity but not the subtlies of courtbred diplomacy.
  • Spence Holt

    Spence Holt

    Often over looked by the other shining stars of the famed 13 Explorers, Holt is an egnima - intelligent, Quick of Wit, darkly Mysterious.
  • Sultana


    Sultana is an Ethangari Mercenary and Captain of the Scorned Furies
  • The Black Bard

    The Black Bard

    An occasionally masked avenger who helps the poor at the expense of those who abuse their wealth and power.
  • Tyler Boxerus  - 'Boxer'; 'Adetokunbo'

    Tyler Boxerus - 'Boxer'; 'Adetokunbo'

    Once a street urchin Now an Officer and a Gentleman - distinguished himself in combat but lost some part of his soul there too.
  • Xavier Sherington

    Xavier Sherington

    One of 13 famed explorers who have pushed the boundaries of the Central Empire in the last Century.