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Opening Area: Open Doors || Where, On the Frontier? || Far, Far, and Away

Alert!!! This campaign is moving away from Pathfinder System – though I"m not yet done with d20.
Until a more permanent home can be found this campaign is taking residence in True20.

This Campaign world conforms to the many tropes of scifi/fantasy rpg source material. How could it not? There is a few notable differences: It is my vision AND the intended audience of my game is NOT to be provided to those under the age of consent. My inspiration is drawn from the mainstream authors – G.R.R. Martin; R. Howard; J. Norman; or S.M. Stirling. Those authors have had to appease a wide audience in order to publish. And as dark as their villains might be – hope springs that “evil” maybe triumphed by “good”. Knowing which is which is up for debate. My plots need not appeal to the wide audience and if my PLAYERS are not interested in playing their part to fight evil – evil MAY ‘win’ the present or even the future of the game world.
[These are Mature Stories told to Mature Audiences. ]
While, my overarching plot complies with a more black and white morality choice. The day to day world where your heroic adults will live in does not always deal with the high moral line. Society lives in a ‘Grey on Grey’ world view where choices are more about us versus them rather and not necessarily good vs evil.
(If your heroes are lucky one side will be lighter grey than the other but it is often a hard distinction to make known). The fiction detailed here deviates from the published D&D rules as written.

Fundamental System: True20!!! but … its Not exactly Rules as Written

Politics.Why is the title of the Campaign an Empty Throne?
So which throne? And of what nation? What power does the title allude to, when all is said and done.

Game History
Ten centuries ago … or so the poets write… the age of man’s best dreams fell to wrack and ruin. What caused the sudden an precipitous fall is not known for no nation was unaffected by the loss of history and knowledge. Though there are many theories and much blame to be spread. A historian’s view of the last millennia might show a more dispassionate view.
Campaign Dust Jacket| Campaign Introduction | In the Beginning | The Game World In a Nutshell | The Status Quo |
| Shared Houserules | Strange Brew | Basic Game Fiction | Class vs Roles | The Heroic Journey |
This the Central Hub of three facets of the same campaign. My mission here is to develop three (potentially more) views of one essential subject. The seeds for the stories which fascinate me and will involve the players I hope to attract. While more an more often I think it may be necessary for my to publish whole blocks of text to provide a consolidated vision I hope this place allows me to sketch enough outlines that the full text of a manual can be put back to another day. As I have neither the time to write nor the players the time to read. But one day… Its said that experience is what happens while waiting on ‘other plans’ – so you may find information here that is worthy of a manual or two.
Starting CampaignThe Lost Doors [7th level] | Tales from the Frontier [ 5th level] | Life on the Edge. [11th level]

Main Page

Main Page

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