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GB: In this world, knowledge was once shared, there were classes which could be trained to standards limited only by ones will. In this Age, the repositories of skill and knowledge are subject to old age and death. To many Masters were killed in the end days of the last age. Wells of arcane knowledge or Libraries of esoteric lore, and the arch mages who where the guardians of them, were destroyed in the Days of Rage which followed the Wars of Power After the Fall. In this renaissance of exploration most men still suffer from inability to find Schooled Masters who can train them beyond the initial path.

The inherent ability to progress in other classes …no longer exist. Some scholars say the metaphysical reality changed along with alterations to nature. But not all is despair from loss for there are professions and classes which have become emergent. the persistent adaptability of man apply inherent abilities in surprising new ways.



Warlord (Strkr)
CultistMedium (PrtCst}Herald (Strkr)Witcher (Strkr) -

Hunter (Strkr)
- Mesmer (PrtCst}Skald (Strkr)Lawkeeper (Strkr) Akashic Monk (PrtCst)

Occultist (PrtCst}Samurai (Strkr)Paladin (Strkr)Witch (FllCst}

Thief (Strkr)
- Burn Master (PrtCst}Druid (FllCst}Cavalier (Strkr) -

Marksman (Strkr)
- Alchemist (PrtCst}Bard (PrtCst}-Inquisitor (PrtCst}

(Strkr} Striker (PrtCst} Partial Caster (FllCst} Full Caster

There maybe some confusion as to why I’ve labeled classes according to a header categorization. This is general how each class is perceived according to the public. While the classes don’t change much their position in this chart may change depending on which facet the character you’re creating will originate from. Certainly how they will be perceived regionally.
As all knowledge can only be considered ‘trained’ the vast majority of people do not KNOW they only SUSPECT. Many falsehoods are prevalent in the general suspicion of classes. Assumptions are pervasive, and may require repetitive retraining and years of contrary example to defeat their propaganda. The prior centuries of death and war – have led most city folk to the belief that magic CANNOT be used to noble purpose. These people have only HEARD of linger effects and may have never experienced them – this does not stop their self assured belief.
“Any person who pursues such ‘easy’ power MUST be evil.”
“While it MAY be possible for a truly noble person to use a magic item – merely the possession of magic IS corrupting.”

So those individuals who are magical in class or who regularly use magic/magic items will be viewed with mistrust – AT BEST. ON AVERAGE, there will be a severe disinclination to continue association with you – OR – maybe, a pressing desire to SAVE you from yourself by destroying or hiding your implements of magic. By Force most likely.

And, AT WORST? I can only let your imagination fill in that blank.

Delayed Classes Classes not currently in use.




Main Page \\ Character Creation \\ Player Classes

FT Player Classes

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