LD Character Creation

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These rules are for the LOST DOORS campaign.

  1. Establish a Concept First.
    • All Initial characters begin at 7th level.
  2. Pick from this list of moralities [LG, LN, LE, NG, CG] to guide your PC.
    • Before you think this is outrageously limiting review these Benchmarks on morality.
  3. Pick a Race from the standard available.
  4. Pick a Player Classes from this allowable list.
  5. Assign attribute points according to the campaign using the point buy system using the epic 25 point amount.
    • For ease of creation use this web calculator. This calculator will automatically attribute any selected race modifiers you may have wanted .
    • Remember to apply your 4th level Stat increase, before game play.
  6. How to determine hit points. Maximum hp at 1st and 2nd level and ¾ of the statistical maximum hp for every following level (round down).
    • Alternatively, a player may choose to roll their own hp but if they roll lower than ¾ they must keep the roll.
    • Hit points may be raised with use of the retraining system pregame start by expending a portion of the assigned starting wealth.
  7. Assign Feats, Spells, Domains, two bonus Traits.
    • Due to some attempt to rectify class tier balancing spell lists have been modified according to the Revised Spell Lists
    • All non-CRB or non-APG Paizo or any 3rd party source books must be approved on a case by case basis.
    • There are Campaign Feats unique to this game.
  8. The house rule governing class assigned Skill Groups will expand the few skill points granted to any class.
    • There are differences between Knowledge skills versus Profession Skills – and its often the difference between being a Jack of all trades and having an occupation.
  9. The PC may take up to (12) points worth of Flaws in the Bonus Advancement system.
    Special: A character may purchase up to five (5) additional creation points on the point buy system. The Merit points (round up) spent for this purpose must be bought with Primary Flaws.
  10. All PC’s begin with the standard amount of wealth for a 7th level character.
    • Those individuals returning from retirement or death may have other limitations including be capped at 7th level starting wealth.
    • Gear may be purchased according to the Sanctioned Equipment guides.
    • Magic item purchase for starting wealth is available within specific listed limitations.
  11. Pick a Primary Vice – choose one that befits your character or I will assign one to you based just on your character’s submitted background. It would be better for you if you did this for yourself.

Note: Fate Points and Hero Points systems are being used as a perk on top of experience points.

Main Page \\ Lost Doors \\ Standard Template \\ Facet Rules

LD Character Creation

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