Mortal Organizations

The Sisters of Mercy – Surreptitiously called the Sisters of Greed, these women dedicate themselves to the Church Triumphant and are one of the longest standing diplomatic bludgeons of civility in an uncivilized world. In the ruin of the cataclysm, few professions – or even other agents of a priestly calling – have so completely retained the ability to heal and access to the powers of their divine benefactor of healing. Many priests had some difficulty managing the pervasive belief that their own gifts were linked with the blessings of the church and mired in Arcanist ambition, such is the fear of the unknown in masses. To the lasting benefit of the Church Triumphant, the Sisterhood has never had this concern. These women have maintained an obvious and powerful connection to the Domain of Healing during the darkest age – lending to the impossibility that any might claim the sisterhood was not indeed truly blessed by a divine agency. Their services however necessary are not free, the penitent pay with service to the church …but all else must pay with more lustrous tokens of value.
OoC Game Knowledge – The various ‘Sisterhoods’ are primarily populated by the APG class Witch (Hex:Healing; Archetype: Medium or Hedge) or the core class Bard (Archetype: Arcane Healer) _

Raven Guardsmen – There is an oft repeated question – though it may be received with a certain amount of surliness by the Priests of the Imperial order. “Why is it that those who have unquestioned closeness to divinity are not directly leading congregations of the faithful. [_*Obviously meaning Inquisitors.* There simply aren’t enough Paladins to make it a real option. The answer given, with out fail, is that
“Those individuals chosen to become a Raven Guardsman, are specifically gifted to protect the righteous, to persecute of the wicked, as a vanguard of the true path.”
And while true, this answer is misleading. Only a few human Inquisitors are fully committed to the Ravens Guard. The others are separated into various Orders by self commitment. ALL ravens have shared the misery of basic training in a Rookery – at one point or another. The Rookery, is commonly held, to be the administrative center of the para militant investigatory network reporting to the Church Triumphant. Few people are sufficiently educated to be aware that the Rookery is far older than any portion of the Church. According to Lore, the Ravens Guard was an institution of power when all humans still worshiped the Titans – the deities and natural powers that the Church now vilifies as Pagan.

_*OoC Game-knowledge:* Any inquisitor in professional garb will be called a Raven Questioner, as a matter of respect. A respect so ingrained that they are often accorded the same level of status as on of the landed gentry, although not so much as a Knight. The common folk see questioners as detectives inspired by divine providence. Men and women who occasionally moonlight as civic policemen, and are more welcome for their service. But whose ordained role is to seek out the activities of supernatural entities who are attempting to control mortal men for external agendas. While a Raven will act as an investigator to an regional mortal facility (typically upon request). They actively enforce breaches to a set of laws – they call the Pillars of Order. Laws to govern all magic use.

The common uniform of the Raven Guard – is a cloak of ‘feathers’, typically leather shaped and stained to mimic Raven feathers but some customization is possible between orders. A long hood to conceal as much as to intimidate. Thin gloves, darkened spectacles, and the occasional shiny tool to aid them in their cause. Discerning the truth is only part of the quest. Another is Recording of Heraldry and History. Few men are brave enough to trek to Iron Nail, but admittance to this archive is free… monetarily speaking. The Iron Nail is a collection of biographies, political treaties, and other historical biopics. Among academics – its occasionally referred to as “the Living Memory of the Dead”.

These are many famous individual Martial Mortal Organizations but a lot of the time most commoners will just lump certain martial classes into the follow groups by class.
There are – in fact – MANY more societies than just these three.
The “Crusaders of Vigilance” – (Paladins), “Wardens of the Green” – (Rangers), and the “Akashic Brotherhood” – (Monks)

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Mortal Organizations

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