Occult Professions

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Spellbreaker (Archetype)
The world is full of dangerous magic, and many recoil in the face of such power. The spellbreaker, by contrast, learns to recognize and resist certain types of magic, wading through waves of magic to reach her foes.

Witch Hunter (Archetype)
When pursuing justice for their faith, inquisitors sometimes hunt sorcerers, witches, wizards, and other practitioners of arcane magic—but especially witches, since their devotion to a patron is often seen as suspect by many religions.

Exorcist (Archetype)
Some inquisitors, as they learn more about the threat of possession and the machinations of the planes, task themselves to expel possessing spirits and conniving outsiders from the world whenever possible. Eventually they learn the secret of the verdicts of exorcism, exile, and anathema.

Heretic (Archetype) [ Ex-Inquisitors ]
While all inquisitors hunt the enemies of the faith, sometimes, either through political maneuvering by her enemies or an unyielding tenacity that breaks her faith’s basic tenets, an inquisitor can find herself a heretic. Still unyielding in her cause, these heretics are accustomed to using guile and deception to hide themselves and their activities while they continue to hunt their enemies. An inquisitor who becomes an ex-inquisitor replacing her class abilities with the appropriate archetype abilities. If the character atones or joins a different faith, she loses her heretic abilities and regains her previous inquisitor class abilities.

Infiltrator (Archetype)
This inquisitor uses guile and deception to blend in among the enemies of the faith rather than confronting them head-on.

Preacher (Archetype)
Some inquisitors wander the land to spread the true word of their faith. Often they come into conflict with those hostile to their teachings or to the preacher’s need to help those who cannot help themselves. The leaders of evil or aggressive religions send these preachers into new territories to win converts and hopefully allies. Often, they start uprisings against powers hostile to their religion, or defend a group of honest believers from the depredations of the unfaithful.

Sin Eater (Archetype)
There is a sect of inquisitors in some religions that believes it is not enough to hunt the enemies of the church—one must also devour those enemies’ sins. More benign versions of the practice believe that sin, or evil, is taken out of the world when a sin is devoured, denying the enemy’s soul to the enemy’s god and purifying the world of its taint. Followers of malevolent churches believe that consuming the sins of good folk not only corrupts the enemy soul to keep it from the celestial planes, but also taints the souls of those who witness the sin-eating or the corpse of its victim. Consuming sins empowers the sin eater, at least for a time.

h4. Witch
Channeler (Archetype)
A hex channeler is a witch who devotes herself either to life (healing the wounded and destroying the undead) or to death (slaying the living and aiding the undead).

Mountain Witch (Archetype)
Mountains can be sanctuaries for witches hunted by society. Here they form bonds with the spirits of the lofty reaches.

Gravewalker (Archetype)
Having much in common with necromancers, the gravewalker is obsessed with the occult manipulations of the dead, particularly mindless undead such as zombies. Unlike the creations of standard necromancers, a gravewalker’s creations remain forever tied to her will, and she can produce vile apparitions of tremendous power.

Sea Witch (Archetype)
A sea witch’s affinities are tied to the vast oceans and the rolling waves. Her magic concerns the moon, tides, water, and winds, and she is most at peace when she is upon or near the sea.


Occult Professions

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