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These monstrous races hardly constitute their own empire but by sheer numbers they must be recognized as being a society level threat. Commonly found in the ‘Horde lands’ these races are significantly more intelligent than many humans want to accept, instead they are seen as savage and therefore backward (provincial).

ORKS are a savage race who value strength over all else. Physically, they tend to hunch their shoulders significantly thus their true height can be well over 6 feet tall. likewise they possess a powerful body structure. Their skin is of a pale green, their hair is course, black and is widely prized for being stronger than spider silk and easier to acquire. Orkish culture is tribal based, the size of which will depend on the intimidation power of the strongest warrior can bring to bear. Little value is placed in intellectual pursuits, however a successful leader is by definition one that can destroy all rivals whether it is done by sheer strength or superior strategy is irrelevant. Orks have been known to be cannibalistic during lean years. Orks typically come into conflict with other alpha predators over land and resources. General Orkish philosophy is if you can take it, it belongs to you. While not sufficiently technologically capable to create their own steel weapons, they can recognize a superior weapon when they see it, and such items are prized highly amongst their martial ranks.

GOLIATH are a Juton inspired subrace, not unlike the Ogrun, but not nearly as plentiful or successful a breed. Famed for their strength and hardiness, Goliath are at trifle clumsy and easy to anger. Larger than the tallest Ogrun, they are rumored to stand between 7 and 8 feet tall and weigh between 300 and 370 pounds. A female goliath has never been reported – leading many to speculate how this race reproduces. Goliath have gray mottled skin, designed in patterns too regular to be entirely natural and may be actively enhanced by body modifications to denote their station, purpose, or profession. While there is no apparent ill-will between the species, neither race actively seeks out the other for companionship. A condition which is not terribly obvious as no Goliath encounter has ever occurred any closer than the extreme frontier of the Central Empire. Human/Goliath relations are almost always strained upon initial contact.

There are monstrous races which have their own empires in the greater continent of Arkos. Word of them appear with uncommon frequency in any human empire. That such races exist is foreign bordering on alien to many humans, who may insist these are stories told to frighten rather than anything that could be found in the world.

Leonin are a highly spiritual race of hunters. While Leonin are not engaged in war, they commonly train. When they are not training, Leonin can often be found hunting or holding ritualistic celebrations. Reputedly Leonin had a spiritual awakening wherein they abandoned their own cities and regressing to a hunter gatherer family unit. Leonine have a naturally strong tie to the celestial plane

Eisengrim are large, wolf-like bipeds (although they may lope for a limited time as a quadruped for speed – they have evolved beyond the point where this is entirely comfortable for more than a round or two. Although humanoid their form grants them advantages in strength and perception, well beyond the human norm. Long-lived with a caste-like social hierarchy which is susceptible to political in-fighting. Ruled by military junta according to dominant maternal line; each warrior counts his individual status by his worthy enemies indicating a highly socialized ecology. Each Eisengrim speaks a growling barking language called Lycos. While they are capable of sorcery, it seems limited to a specific social caste. Although they are separated by breed – for example, Coyles: Are a smaller breed and inversely more fierce depending on the size of their pack; they tend to live in small roaming tribes.

These races are more the stuff of myth and fable but there are still the occasional sightings by frontiersmen, sailors, adventurers, and the like.

Fae – Not so much a species but a collection of races combined by allegiance to a ‘kingdom’ or ‘royal personality’. Ecologies of races under these courts differ widely … some are even unique to the sighting. Each recorded encounters are individual Fae,. Fae Royalty often appear as hyper idealized humans alien due to their impossible beauty.

Other lesser fae, are typified by forms NOT in any ‘idealized’ form and may include {Azer, Boggins, Centaur, Eshu, Gnomes, Goblins, Jinn, Kitsune, Minotaurs, Rakshasa, Satyr, Sprites, Trollkin } nearly all races are at least humanoid.

Fey – These beings have their own ecology, culture, and technology which is specific to their medium. More than one of a kind has been met and can be considered under the definition of an Empire. The Fomori is an ancient empire of wave riders, Cython are a race from deep beneath the surface of the earth, Avanc tribesmen roam wild jungle holms , and the Sons of Cymdu have great fondness for the desert realms of the so called ‘Burning lands’.

The following only exist in Bard-tales but with such consistent clarity that the possibility of their real existence is no harder to contemplate than Fae or Eisengrim.

The Vedalken are bald, blue-skinned humanoids with strictly structured minds and a proficiency towards logic, research, politics and the rule of law. They’re are describe as have disdain for other races, instinctively viewing them as chaotic, and inherently flawed, and therefore inferior.

Tritons are humanoid aquatic creatures with long fishtails that give them impressive speed and skill in water. Their tales consistently describe them as slimy but impressively built half humanoids with shimmering blue scales and ornately finned skulls. Tales claim that they are actively at war with the Formori. Sea tales hold the unlikely presumption that the warlike Formori are not MORE aggressive against human ports because of Triton intervention.

Built by powerful arcanists before the end of the Age of Dreams, Gearforged are artificial constructs that organically came to have free will because their initial creators whom no longer exist set them to know other task for eons. Gearforged would be highly desired prizes worth their weight in platinum – supposedly their constituent constructed material.

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Restricted Races

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