The Imperial Pantheon \\ Runil

The Moon God, the Silver Prince, The weaver
Symbol: Silver crescent moon on a deep blue field
Portfolio: Night, moon, magic
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Moon, Spell

Rurnil (roar-nil) is the lord of the moon, of the occult, and the guardian of mystical places. Rurnil’s few earthly goals revolve around the attainment of new knowledge, the shadow conspiracy, and the hidden truth. The most important seem to be the protection of the sources of mystical power that suffuse the gates and the expansion of the understanding of the fabric of which binds the realms. His followers are devoted to aiding him in these goals, at least as far as they understand them.

Even to his worshipers, Rurnil seems a distant, mysterious god. He has set down no written word, does not communicate regularly with his followers, and seems aloof from the daily affairs of Arkos. Many are followers are hermits, preferring the solitude of the wilderness to the press of urban life. They chart ley lines and ally with rangers and other wilderness peoples to prevent intruders from despoiling naturally divine resources.

Monthly rituals of worship are held on the night of the fullest moon in the middle of each month. The Veneration of the Sleeping (fall equinox) is the principle annual holy day for ley members of the church. On this day, the worshipers destroy of items of magic to revere their god, seeking to return to the earth the magic was despoiled by it.

Dogma: Rurnil guards the natural flows of the divine from that which would cause them harm. Be ever diligent in your efforts to expand understanding of the fabric of reality – for only through such efforts can one earn the mastery required to act wisely. The Shadow is the greatest threat to mankind; fight its influence always. We are the light that keeps darkness at bay.

The Imperial Pantheon \\ Rurnil


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