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I have attempted to change the basis of Magic by fiction, unfortunately, much of the basis of fiction in RAW depends on its mechanics. The following are the ‘new’ Realms of Magic:

Essence is the force that permeates the world, Channeling is the power received from the gods or other sources of power, and Mentalism is derived from the individual’s force of will. These realms may appear to be a substitution from Arcane, Divine, and Psionics, respectively – and for PURE casters it may be exactly that. But this system allows for Hybrid functionality. Spell lists are organized by block of spells and a single class may have more than one block of spell list. A pure spell user may have five blocks of spells and all five come from one realm. Where a hybrid caster has three from one realm and two from another.

Beyond the mechanical needs of any one spell (materia, verbal, & somatic), each REALM requires its own adherence to the rules of magic use. For example, inert material reduces the ability to cast Essence spells. And metal reduces the ability to regenerate Channeled spells. And Mentalism is more difficult to use without some manner of held focus. Not that these are blanket restrictions but by not using them a character may enhance the possibility of suffering “extraordinary spell failure”.

Feats may still control the ability to cast spells faster than the norm, or doing so without required somatic, verbal, material requirements as doing without those things will lead to mere Spell Failure. Extraordinary Spell Failure describes that conditions when a spell user who decides cast in defiance of realm requirements may end up personally eating damage from the resulting cascade of spell failure.

Lists are groups of common spells of increasing power (available by caster level). Lists may be defined as “Open” (the simplest and most basic spells by type) or “Closed” (representing individual spells acquired at expense effort and resource). Specialist Lists describe those spells which are strongly linked to one profession over another. Given that spells are dispensed in block lists, it is quite common for a caster to know a spell but lack the sufficient level acquired the power to cast it.

“Pure” spell users are those who have specialist profession lists and who derive their powers from a single realm. “Hybrid” spell users also have the specialist lists and have some ability in the open and closed lists of two realms. “Semi” spell users have some basic abilities tied to a single realm, whereas “Non” spell users aren’t particularly inclined towards magic at all.

Within the scope of ‘magic’ – spells are defined as incantations that require the spoken word that can be learned by those who study the means to manipulate the elements of magic – it might be called a mechanical approach. Magic was once only found in certain individuals, focal points of specific bloodlines linked to Powers whose abilities may seem like spells, but involve no inherent knowledge. These individuals are the gnostic scions of the demiurge bound by blood and destiny to wield great power by birth. This means this type of caster may not actually understand any element of magic but is given the ability to cast magic as a descendant of power.

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Type of Magic

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